Meridian Singing Bowls

Look no further for the best quality meridian bowls! We are offering the best collection of medium sized and large sized singing bowls. These are rich in colors and are handcrafted of glazed porcelain. Each and every piece is hand-signed which is the testimony of the connection amid the bowl and the people who made it. This range of meridian bowls or meridian singing bowls is used for meditation and relaxation purposes. In addition, it can also be used for decorative purposes. In line with this, these are also used as a gift item.

Product Image (25 inches )

Extra Large Tibetan Singing Bowls

Price: 30000 INR/Piece

our 7 metal hand hammered singing bowl size range is 4 inches to 25 inches. This is inside human standing or sitting space singing bowl.

Product Image (20 inches )

Meridian Singing Bowls

Price: 69000 INR/Piece

This is large hand hammered singing bowls for sound therapy. Special for inside standing..

Product Image (16)

Meridian Large Bowl

Price: 2800 INR/Piece

7 metal hand-hammered large singing bowl.


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