We are offering best quality Tibetan Singing Bowls, which are made on the basis of Tibetan oral tradition. Their usage dates back to the time of the historical Buddha Shakyamuni. These bowls make a sound, which is known to invoke a deep state of relaxation. The said state is responsible for naturally supporting an individual in meditation, which ultimately leads to the enlightenment. In fact, all the Tibetan Singing Bowls are known to be quintessential aid in meditation. Initially such items were restricted to Buddhist altars, monasteries etc but now with our range, these can be acquired for use at home.

We are offering Lingam Singing Bowls which are popularly known as the ideal and rarest Himalayan singing bowls. The origin of these bowls dates back to 16th century. Initially, the purpose of using these products was for ritual and ceremonial purposes. The sound produced by these singing bowls is of amazing purity. These have the lingam in the center of the basic, which is their highlighting and distinguishing factor. All the Lingam Singing Bowls have a conical protrusion and are offered in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. However, in most of the designs these bowls have a low and shallow profile.

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